$BTC.X talking about 3 countries smaller than Idaho with a third of the economy of new orleans allowing people to use it. Bitcoin lost $700billion in market cap, thats 10 years od gdp of those countries together in an utopic world… Without China, Europe, Japan and the US accepting this as payments, it will become worthless, specially if the FBI can just tap into it and seize it. One of the pillars of Sovereignty of a State is having its own currency, if Europe Union which are neighbours, have same interests, same cultures, same social structure and economic system are always in trouble with debt and cant get together, how will nations spread across the world with diferent religions, cultures, political e economics system work? how would they print debt to by arms? Who will they buy it from if the Us doesnt accept it? And most importantly how will third world governments keep control ove rits people? Most of those country dont have internet or eletricity, forget iphone.