$CRMD Here is an estimate for market cap for CRMD based on revenue multiples: Projected 80M doses× $10/vial=$800M annual sales. $800M×3(industry average)=$2.4B market cap for HD alone ,IF neutrolin becomes SOC. In my opinion,Neutrolin will become SOC,however, that will take 2-3 years. Let's assume Neutrolin's market share for the first year is only 1/3( 33%)of total projected doses, which is a very conservative number considering that Neutrolin is 72% better than the current SOC,that puts the market cap at $800M for next year. In summary, with 33% market share in the first year of marketing, that puts the market cap at $800M sometime next year, with 100% market share(SOC) that puts it at $2.4B in 2-3 years, and this is for hemodialysis alone. If you add oncology and TPN, then multiply that by 150%....$6B for all indications within 4-5 years. Divide market cap by outstanding shares, you will get pps. These are very conservative numbers.
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