$AITX Well Longs.... After watching the trading for the 1st 2 hours this morning and having some fun beating on the Mindless Dwarves......It was pretty clear the idiot lemmings that showed were clearly losing the Short Battle, 2nd Day of just advertising how low your IQ can get and still be able to breath and eat without hurting yourself with a fork... It takes a special breed of Dumbshit to spend all day making an ass out yourself and pat you and your friends on the back for proving you can still function on a daily basis without a nurse to change your diaper, they just keep the shit in the diaper. I decided to have some fun today and just hang out in the VIP at the Bellagio with some friends gambling.....pretty good day I get back tonight and what did I see...no damage after 139.801 Million shares traded, and they spent all day pissing all over themselves for a second day for nothing God you have to be the definition of stupid to do that all day.....what a laugh. Fun is coming