$APPL Wow, a lot of bragging & boasting & bullying today & right into Trump pissing off China, this is why you should sit back sometimes, you may have pushed folks right into a down Friday $SPY
The market leader in action here $SPY $AAPL you know what really counts undertanding real direction on the health side of things shown in this Great Video to see of the big picture leader in action youtube.com/watch?v=ZizNdiC... most so called stock experts are not in shape which also means they have a weak mind, I am about the health and wealth something that most struggle with in my age group at 47 years old here in this video made a few months ago I have the skills in which many men wish they could be, I can help with both The money skills and the real health skills my youtube channel does contain a lot of great info on both subjects while most men my age look weak or frail or have a pot belly with skinny arms or are just out of shape and stressed out they can become something by following a true leader. I have skill in what counts in both health and wealth that is true wealth people without both you have no real wealth something to think about and $STUDY
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