$SPY Remember 2018, this was pre-covid when Trump said he had created the best Economy the country had ever seen. I know all Trump supporters aren't stupid, I know some of them are well meaning but its hard to pretend he's done well. If not for Jay Powell just imagine where we would be be. Congress is a def a joke on both sides right now but the GOP talking about "fiscal responsibility" right now is laughable. Perhaps they want Trump out as well $AAPL $AMZN $TSLA $JPM
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@GoodNewsBull Can you imagine how much the House of Reps could have accomplished and how far advance we as a Nation would be had they not focused so many years promoting a fake narrative accusing Trump of colluding with Russia? The Shifty bstrd claimed he had proof... where is that proof and why so many years to bring it forward instead of doing the job Congress was elected to do?