$OPGN tips that can save your life or a loved one. TIP 1 1. broad-spectrum UVC light will sterilize everything it hits. They are cheap and as long as you don't let it hit your eyes or try to use it to tan, will not harm you. This UV light is used in central air systems to sterilize the air as it moves thru the blower as well as many more applications. I have one in the air system of my home. I also have a couple hand held uv lights that I bought on amazon (2 years ago) for $10 each for the sterilization of phone, money, etc & now ME after I get home from errands. 2. far-uvc light is a lower spectrum uv light that was recently discovered as just as effective as the broad spectrum but is perfectly safe to humans therefore making it possible to have them in all public places as well as homes. If this was done there would little to possibly NO chance of a viral epidemic ever again. Being new these are harder to get & more expensive. TIP 2 See the screenshot. GLTA & God Bless you & yours
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