$MGM why are you so excited????? I don't see the logic.What is your catalyst for any gains.There will be so many losses here....
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@GordonGekko888 @naniamo Well guy. I don’t blame u. You got puts u need filled. I get that. I do. But. Vegas is opening up more next week. And 4th of July that weekend. Online gambling becoming a thing. NHL is landing. Oh and we are in raider nation. Covid getting weaker. And multiple vaccine in final stages. People want normalcy to return. So we venture out. If u don’t want the flu. We wear a mask and we don’t touch out hands to our face. We will be 23 by July 1st. 25 by the 4th
@Jcad2222 @naniamo ur lucky if its at 15 by July 1 Breakouts all over Vegas and just matter of time before a big breakout at a casino and a closing...then the whole group dives no matter what casino gets hit. Not to mention everything you just listed is known and already baked into the price