$PSTH.U There are reasons you do not want to trade this particular equity on a brokerage app like Robinhood or Webull when shares become available. Example: You buy 1000 common shares and hold through merger and PSTH rewards your holding with 2/9 warrant for each share. For every 9 shares you would be the owner of 2 warrants. If you are holding the shares it is likely because you believe the stock price will go high (what!?!). If the stock price goes to $45 (random number for an example) and the warrant price goes to $20 (again random # for example) then your awarded warrants for your 1000 shares would have been been 222 with a value of $4,400 at a price of $20. Now to be honest, I’d expect the values to be higher and so my question is why would anyone be willing to give away money by using a brokerage platform that doesn’t allow them to receive or trade warrants?
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