$PTON Raise your hands if you're one of the smart asses who told me I was stupid or for calling this a bubble at $120 at $130. Raise your hand if you think it's not possible for this to go much much lower, down all the way to $60. Those of you with your hands raised, you're the dumb money. This isn't even the rug pull yet.
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@GraffGripANW I'd consider owing PTON in the $50s. Maybe higher if they would innovate or show big growth in apparel. Re: The people who subscribe and don't own the bike: you're talking about "Peloton Digital" which is $12.99 per month after 30 days free and is only considered to be a break even marketing funnel into a hardware subscription.
@BurgerFisus reminds me of NFLX Where subscribers were all that matter for years, only with a hardware kicker ... shit maybe NFLX should buy ROKU, never thought of that before Friend on mine sent me this screen shot the other day ... lol