$BTC.X $ETH.X $ADA.X so a few decades ago, I and 3 of my squad members while stationed in Germany got a 4 day pass and went to England. Our skirt chasing wound us up in York...great night...in the morning we went for souvenirs. Some big sow of a woman missing teeth saw what I was holding and said "2 pound 90 love". One of my troops said "yo Sgt C, what the #&*© she be talkin about?" I was a boxer while in the Infantry. I said "she wants a shot at the title. she's got 2 fists of stone ready to pound me and the 90 kilo weight class." I sized her up and though 'i can take her' so I boasted that #&+* #*¥¢€%® in the face and knocked out more teeth. My troops high fived me for the victory. Aaahhh, the good old days