$AMD Intel Green. Based on the fact that Alder Lake 10nm chips are 30% faster than previous Rocket Lake 10nm chips. Based on Intel OWN benchmarks. Nice. Rocket Lake was the worst processor from Intel in 20 years for those Not in the know. The worst yields of any Intel chip, the Worst TDP of any chip since 14nm started for Intel back in 2015. The chip that really helped AMD accelerate market share. I am impressed that Intel is calling there New chips: Intel 7. Even though they are still proceed on 10nm. But it sure sounds better than 10+++++. Good Lord knows 14nm had the record ++++++++++++++to beat. Cant wait till AMD does there own benchmarks, with the same DDDR5 memory and New optimized Motherboards. Im sure it will be slightly different than Intels own benchmarks.