$SRNE The amount of drama, fraud and financial problems surrounding this company is ridiculous 😂 From fake buyout PRs, barely any pipeline updates in years, protracted lawsuits (Sara Siegler & Patrick S-S), Hindenburg , JC Capital and Viceroy short thesis’s, backpedaling from “100%” “cure” to “possible” cure, doing interviews with options traders like Raging Bull, non stop dilution/offerings, random chinese business ventures that don’t monetize, $250mil offering lined up weeks before this announcement, high bankruptcy risk with $700mil in debt payable within 5 years, only $21mil cash, $8 quarterly revenue, $70mil quarterly burn.. The list goes on 🤣 I think it would be unethically at this point for the SEC not to halt this for months and do some forensic accounting 🔍
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