$SRNE Short sellers Hindenburg and many others headge funds operate in a shaddow. They don’t attack google, Apple or FB, because they can not win with their manipulation tactics. Their butter and bread is the microcap campanies where they can deploy their dirty strategy over and over again. Here’s how the scam works: When a company has made substantial gains and attracted great interest from the investors community. That is a primal candidate. Then, They short the stock. 1). They somehow manage to feed through the wire system their bombastic counter claims against the company 2). They print a long and detail report full of innuendos such as “ in our opinion, our belief, potential, probable etc” This is a caveat to save their assess in court. Because, they know that they can not prove any of their allegations; therefore, they hide behind the veil of free speech 2) Hire cohorts to propagate their stort on social media like stoktwits and many orhers.
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@Zmoney how come these shorts like Citron and Hindenburg have actually been successful in finding fraud in the past? There’s literally evidence of both these shorts being right many many times