$NIO You guys realize this is going to get delisted once the bill passes congress...right? I used to own a shit ton of NIO but the constant pump and dumps, I sold 3 weeks ago, and after the news this week, I'm glad.
@GreatBatsby You Must be illiterate. This bill is for security of trading foreign stocks. Even if it passes, won’t harm NIO already has its auditor as PWC, one of the BIG4. If there is wrong, PWC is also in big trouble. Do you think that will happen? Read the bill yourself instead of bashing with your idiot logic.
@Helpmeplss additionally, it doesn’t matter if NIO has an auditor or not, it won’t clear the first hurdle which is to declare they aren’t owned or operated by a foreign country. Which $NIO is definitely owned and by default controlled by China.