$TSLA Why is Tesla's stock price dropping? Just because: -$25,000 Model 2 and Tesla’s entry in India were only “#digitalconfetti” -BTC-buy pointed out the falsity of the “mission to facilitate the world's transition to sustainable energy". Due to the ethical nonsense and the speculative use of the company's capital ESG and Investment funds are exiting their investment: $111BN have already been sold in Q1 -Tesla could face questions from the U.S. SEC over "the facts and circumstances" of the BTC-buy -Tesla is recalling (at least) 231,819 cars worldwide, which is about 19% of all the cars produced by the company in its entire existence -Sales plummeted sharply in January in both China (-35%) and major European markets (-93,5%) -Five Chinese Government Agencies called Tesla to comply with higher standards, due to the poor quality and safety of its cars - Every Tesla tested by Edmunds has failed to hit its EPA range estimate -German plant is lagging far behind marketbeat.com/stocks/NASDA...
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