$AMRS In terms of traffic, the Biossance website in Q4 is smoking its previous (record) performance in Q3. Alexa has published 57 daily rankings for the Biossance website in Q4. Those 57 rankings are the 57 all-time best for Biossance. The 58th best ranking ever (152,716) happened on September 30, 2019. Imagine a track sprinter running their PR 100 meter sprint of 10 seconds flat and then besting that the next 57 times they run. The same incredible performance is happening on Sephora's website which is Biossance's other sales channel. Using Q3 as a reference point is significant for two reasons: 1. Record renewable products revenue of $17.4M 2. The lion's share of that revenue is from Biossance I'd not be at all surprised if Biossance alone did > $17.4M in Q4 which would mean average weekly sales of ~1.3M. It's unfolding right in front of our eyes...if one is willing to look.
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