$AMRS Good morning @opertoonist and @arnolddunn! I'm checking in with you once again to see if either of you are open to trying any of Amyris' products. Both of you are frequent posters here so I'm very much shocked that neither of you have responded to my offer. I'm guessing other posters here share my feelings. So allow me to reiterate. I'm past the "post your proof of purchase and I'll reimburse you" stage and moving to an outright sponsorship offer. Here's the offer: 1. Pick any single Amyris product (Biossance, Pipette, Purecane) that you want to try 2. Share it with me and provide a shipping address I'll order it today and you'll have it within a week or so. Please note, I'm not going to stop asking until both of you respond. Given the posting precedent as vocal detractors of Amyris it seems very peculiar that you wouldn't partake in my offer. It would allow you to further bash the company by way of negatively reviewing a product. Great opportunity here gents!
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