$AMRS Fully diluted, they are only valued at $750M. And they are going to do, at the very least, $150M in revenue again this year. That is only a 5x multiple... - Biossance - Pipette - Apprinova - Purecane - AB Mauri - Patchouli - Vanilla - Sandalwood - Rose Inc. - IDRI - Squalene - Monoclonal Antibody platform - Novvi - DoD/BR-1 - Ethanol - Cannabinoids - HMOs - Yifan - Plant Protein Development (Impossible burger type) - Sweetener development If you don't think this is a $1B company, I'd love to know why. Cash burn? Debt? Margin? The molecule development platform alone is worth $1B at the very least. Look at TWST. If Amyris sold off, licensed, or went to a royalty only structure on all of the above items, they would easily raise $700M (an extremely conservative estimate), enough to pay off all liabilities and have $500M in cash as a molecule development platform alone. They just raised $200M 5 months ago at $3, essentially a $1B FD valuation. Remember that. Keep perspective.
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@Reflect @kcmatt7 Hey Reflect...are you an Amyris shareholder? If so, I expect you to know that renewable products revenue is the heart of this business. If you knew that, you'd not be making such inaccurate assessments. TWST currently carries a 65.6x EV/Sales multiple. AMRS is carrying a 5.2x multiple. I find it hard to justify paying 12.5x as much for every TWST revenue dollar as compared to AMRS. The chart speaks for itself. Bull, bear, or others, you're out of touch with what's happening within the business.
@Reflect @kcmatt7 Just realized that $TWST hasn't announced Q3 so the previous chart is off by a quarter. So I corrected it and included Q3 analyst estimates in yellow. Still not growing revenue faster than $AMRS in terms of their renewable products revenue. Also, the tone of the previous post isn't intended to by hostile. Please pardon if it reads that way. There are some metrics however that simply cannot be overlooked.