$AMRS #BiossanceOrderNumbers Thank you @AaronGLow! Q4 pace (linear) = 70,812 orders Q3-2020 = 83,717 orders Q2-2020 = 82,770 orders Q1-2020 = 61,892 orders Q4-2019 = 57,122 orders Source - postimg.cc/cKZKt6X0 To be hovering around 800 orders at this point in the quarter is encouraging when you consider how things played out last year: From 10.01.2019 to 11.22.2019 we averaged 279 orders per day. In the 38 days from 11.22.2019 to 12.30.2019 we averaged 1143 orders per day. While I'm doubting a 4x jump in volume across the remainder of Q4, I'm confident that we're about to blast off and lay down some sizable numbers.
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@GreenAndGreen @AaronGLow Great job GreenAndGreen .. You will not have among your statistics the sales of the month of November a week before Black Friday 2019? Because I think that on November 30, sales will be higher than 1500 daily orders compared to 2019 once Black Friday is celebrated.
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