$ENPH $AMRS The high-decibel despondence is becoming deafening. Data-driven deliverance on deck. I look at ENPH as the ambassador for the bucket of stocks that we typically call ESG plays. This includes Amyris. ENPH has followed a very clear pattern across the past 4 years which is visualized using PPO 50/200 ema. This indicator essentially shows the percentage that the 50 ema is over or under the 200 ema. You can see a well established range of ENPH's PPO moving up towards 60% (red dashed line) and down towards 5% (green dashed line). In each of the last two corrections, the actual share price bottomed about a month before the PPO did. If we believe that this trend will continue (I resolutely do) then we should expect that we're at or very close to the bottom. As ENPH begins to emerge from the correction, I anticipate that all of our most beloved stocks will follow suit.