$VXRT 7.7b global population. At an 80% inoculation rate at a $15 average cost, that's a minimum $92B business opportunity for CV19 VACCINES NEXT YEAR❗ BUT THERE'S THIS BABY MASTODON IN THE ROOM- VXRT. BIG PHARMA HAS PLANS, BUT it doesn't involve VXRT in the industry. We may never get OWS FUNDING THIS YEAR because of the TIMELINE FOR DJT to benefit from IM VACCINES, and unlikely any IM VACCINES WILL BE READY THIS YEAR. STOP THIS STUPID CONSPIRACY THEORY OF PHASE 3 secretly being conducted. The OWS COULD BE HOLDING ON OUR NHP results to benefit big PHARMA, and why we did HAMSTER BIG PHARMA HATES VXRT, Imo. But THE FDA HAS no choice and do their job. Approve a drug that is safe and effective. It's okay if we take the HOME DEPOT APPROACH: DO IT YOURSELF. Revenues will be much bigger fire VXRT next year without PRICE CEILING IMPOSED BY THE GOVERNMENT on their ORAL TABLET PURCHASE. The XIST OF DOING BUSINESS GOES TWO ways when you take the HOME DEPOT APOROAXH. 👍 Do it YOURSELF, Vxrt!
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