$AMRN Trying to digest 10-Q Form and reading between the lines if the Q1 collapse is a result of inept management or a kind of preparation for something big in Q2... - US Revenue dropped by -34% from $141 to $94 mil - Half of the impact is from Generics. Balance of the impact is the "Selling initiatives" (which I can't understand clearly). - Icosapent Ethyl market (per Symphony Health), grew by +11% - Vascepa prescription (per Symphony Health) dropped by -12% - Vascepa Market Share dropped from 91% to 72% (this is terrible because generics took 28% of shares.) - Wholesalers reduces their channel inventory by -40% (to the low-end of the range, but why? ) Normally, the company reduces wholesaler's inventory (aka. channel inventory) this much in preparation of something big.. let's see if it's my daydream or not... ;-)