$AABB I just sent the below to Inverter relations If I get a response I will keep you all updated. Good Morning I hold ½ million shares of AABB and I have a few questions I would like answers for if possible . 1 I would like to see institutional investors come on board . But without an audit or a way to confirm the gold for the coins is secure. I do not believe that will happen in earnest . How can or will AABB address this concern? 2. I have participated in LOI and rarely is the time frame open ended . Does the LOI have a time frame the deal needs to be closed? 3. It does appear that AABB is being nakedly shorted has AABB filed any complaints with the SEC in this regard.? 4.Does AABB have any plans to up list from pink sheet treading. Thank you for your response in advance Greg Moore Invester.