$AABB The below is a statement from AABB web site. We want this to go world wide how will buyers of the coin know the below is true with out an audit and things in place to prove and protect the gold they own. I do not hold any coins yet but have 1/2 million shares . To make this just a different crypto coin that has value due to the whim of P/R we need to have things in place if you want this to go to the moon and stay there. If we wanted to sell it or cash out people buying will need some proof of the validity of the statements below . Any thoughts. From AABB site "The AABB Gold Token is a hybrid cryptocurrency backed by gold mines owned and operated by Asia Broadband, Inc. and $30 million in physical gold reserves. The company has pledged to back the tokens 100% by reserves, with its own mining projects as a unique source, along with traditional third-party sources as a backup. "