$CLSN think about this. $CLSN is up 120.44% for the week and stepped everyday. But the most impressive part is the confidence investors have to hold this at the high, on a (red market)Friday night of a three day weekend. This pattern will continue, until word gets out. I see this at $6 EOW next week (last week in June) only 5 weeks before P3 is released. You would catch this one the night before by surprise. They know.
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@Momchilb consolidation is a very good thing and a sign of mature growth of a security. I’m not exactly sure what the trigger was that got everyone’s attention, I suppose maybe the article, but as it continues to gain traction this will be a keeper. I may very possibly end up buying my contracts outright. Who knows. 👍
@Momchilb there haven’t been many gaps which haven’t been followed by consolidation. The hold at then end of the day, shocked me a bit. I’m in long contracts, so I’m in for the ride, but for traders and investors to stay committed on a long weekend is something I typically never do. Low floats can be fun 👌