$WKHS I like this stock, but I need to see it hold it‘s gains when the broader sector/market is selling off. End of week PT is $19.
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@Leialya That has been the problem with this stock for the last six months. On top of that, this industry is volatile and fragile, and this company does not have a lengthy track record of success. Despite that, I'm holding until the announcement.
@maddtte2 @Leialya this keeps to its trends/charts pretty accurately. Would say its got a bit before it reverses on resistance if contract doesnt come. They do have a pretty growing base of business though. Probably the biggest issue here is $200 million worth of convertible notes = shorting to high hell. I imagine those will be converted/exchange offering before contract announcement (miraculous timing of course) along with either insider buys or stock buy back. highly doubt they will wait till 37$ gets pushed.