$XERS purely speculating paths till this officially uptrends. I think white/orange are more likely just based on rsi (bottomed at 30 last time before building back up currently 38) that thick bottom line won't be realistic to buy. Likely a quick spike down on a 5 min candle to scoop stop losses. Green path - def possible as could easily make the turn to uptrending with a confirmed higher high next. Already prev higher high and currently higher low. Insider buys would stop bleeding and now that news is a bit more likely a partnership would get us up 30% quick. Unless you're early to the climb, don't buy until it comes back down. Scaling a mountain peak up means you have to scale back down.. Preference for me would be orange path (ran bottom for a while last two support reaches. More time to accumulate at a lower price... too many good plays out right now and im spread thin on cash flow.
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