@mrinvestorpro Hey MIP, I forget if you take direct messages or not, but figured I'd reach out anyway. First off, thanks for all you do, you are truly an inspiration for someone like me who has been growing as a trader for 4+ years, and looking to aspire one day to be on the level you are at, which is incredible. I've been following you for i want to say a half year now, and because you're so accurate, I've tried grabbing some of all your calls, mostly because they are almost a gauranteed to pay. I noticed today you started sending out your watch list to help those who have lost track of your alerts. I've been following you for a while, and have found myself forgetting which ones have already gone up 30-100%+ and I sold, and which ones I should be buying that I haven't already, so... I started a tool for myself. Due to text contraints on ST I'll send the rest of this message in a separate one.