$PTN Response to Big1: I was in Pharma sales 14 years. These days, companies rarely launch a massive marketing campaign the moment a drug is approved. I’ve seen large companies hire and train salesforces for “sure thing” drugs... that fda rejected. That’s a massive blow to big companies, devastating to small ones. Too risky to build that infrastructure before approval. It takes time post-approval to hire/train a sales force. This cannot be rushed. It is highly regulated. If poorly trained reps market a drug improperly, the company can be fined and marketing halted. Also, DTC advertising before physicians have been widely trained on a product is frowned upon both by physicians and FDA. It can be done, but sparingly. So far, the lack of advertising is unsurprising to me. if it does not ramp up soon, however, we should begin to expect manipulative efforts.
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