$XSPA Listen up guys, you have to read this post. This stock is not a pump and dump , so many people are on the fence of joining terrified this is another UAVS or MVIS. People that have seen accounts get blown up with their eyes. THIS IS NOT RUMORS OR ALLEGATIONS LIKE UAVS. AN OFFICIAL CONTRACT WAS SIGNED AT ONE OF THE LARGEST AIRPORTS FOR COVID 19 TESTING IN THE EPICENTER OF THE DISEASE NEW YORK CITY. People are not investing because of "Xpressspa, they are so hard headed because they don't do their DD. This is all about XPRESCHECK not XSPA. Look at the real estate that they have. So many newbies do not understand that McDonalds is a monster giant of a business not just because of their food but because of the insane real estate expansion they have all over the world. XSPA has so many locations all over America. They have no competition in regards to airport testing . Remember that other countries may even follow after this success. This is 5+ in the upcoming months. Again I prove.
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