$VXRT a few thoughts, Most knew about press release and status updates related to ows and future options based on trial results since back in late June. Prior article on 7.14, then stock price starts decline shortly after and continues for the next 5 days which brings us to this past Friday so there's a good chance a lot of the news could already be priced in for now. Nyt article on 7.25 has almost same info so Monday might not hurt as bad since info is repetitive?? Combo of crappy news perspectives from other sources in addition to no recent news from vxrt equals uncertainty, even if only temporary. I'm longer term optimistic about finally being included in the ows and funding provided as there appears to be a lot of opportunity for many different types of vaccines, therapeutics, etc. For different types of people. I'm also a realist who just wants facts to analyze so I can make best decisions. Insiders always have an advantage, we just speculate, but that's the game.
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