$AMC $GME $WISH HODL your shares and hear me out! I'm proud tonight and addressing ALL apes: I am ThePoetZiggy, a fellow ape. My first diamond was AMC, and it changed my life. It inspired me to give a shit again. reddit.com/r/GME/comments/p... I have used ALL of my skills to track and follow two of the most toxic hedges from our bitter war, Citigroup and Wellington Holdings LLC, Wish bulls have been fighting censorship, and fake DD to make themselves HEARD. WELL-- We made WallStreetBets butthurt as SHIT tonight! The enemy has recognized us a formal threat, as APES. AND WE ARE A THREAT!!! reddit.com/r/Wishstock/comm... despite downvote bombs, the community finally banded together to break a bit of DD through, and I watched this community shift so quickly within 24 hours. It's a battle on all fronts now, and we will hold our WISH fort as you all HODL yours. Use our DD, share what you can with us, help us learn! Help us grow wrinkles! We are you! Apes together STRONG!!!