$GHSI We will eventually see the path of this company soon... will they dilute? No I think they got enough cash to last until end of 2020. Why did they dilute? They claim they needed more cash for parts. Hopefully that means sales are going great on csv2000. Will they do a RS? They claim it’s not happening as of now but they want to secure votes in case they have to do a mandatory one. They are eligible to ask for 180 day extension as of March 2020. The offering closed at .34 so it’s gonna run to .40. What happens after that, I don’t know. I will play it very carefully. If they decide to drop sales, patent and other positive news, we could hit $1 or more. If they let run it and let the warrants get exercised, we could have a huge sell of around 12M shares which will plummet the share price, and we would be fucked.... like I said at the beginning, we will see the path they want to follow very soon... I personally will set a trail stop loss once we hit .40 to guarantee my profit..
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