$GHSI if you need to learn about this company, nobody better than @Peakingproduce to guide you here... 👍🏼
@shainy @Guney1397 Yes, I did attend the meeting. They have enough cash on hand with the $18.5 M from last year and then the $3.5M from recent warrants to get through the entire 2020 with an adjusted cash burn. Acummune is a new product but as far as I can tell, and have heard, they have enough cash on hand to develop and market this product as well. Keep in mind, 2020 1st and 2nd quarters are going to be substantial with the sales of of CVS-2000 machines, Lumega Z and Glaucocetin. These sales will continue to grow; then add Accumune and the HWGB product and we can easily have 4-5 straight - substantial ER's. Add patent news. more new products, Nutriguard and GHSI is suddenly VERY attractive to some "big boys". The extension was just the first dot, there are many more coming; just connect them and play your hand accordingly. Management is in control and executing their plan PERFECTLY! Good luck; but you don't really need it; plenty of positive catalysts to push this much higher.
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