$TRX.X $WIN.X $BTT.X can someone please help me? Im seriously looking for some insight. There is no $SUN.X board to inquire. Usually I see the SUN coin from the Tron Network at $30+ daily. Last night I noticed a interesting drop in price on the Gate.io app and website. This morning I noticed the price still there. It's the correct icon and correct information under company info. Listed under Spot trading. USDT only for me as usual. I did not click 3x for Futures. I own no XRP or BTC. I have a few screen shots to verify that I will post. I was thinking it was a huge discount and people dumped. So I did a stupid thing and impulse bought $23 worth giving me 250.26 SUN tokens. Screen shot to prove. Can anyone confirm Gate.io SUN price for me being this is a trx btt win family? Did I get burned or what's going on that you know of that reflects the drastic price change? Thank you for your time on this matter. It is appreciated.