$OZSC if you don’t realize there’s much bigger things working to give you long term generational wealth then you better wake up because you will regret it years from now. The company is building with a goal and team that in 2-3 years could be ready to sell the company and anyone holding would make crazy money. You have to think about the money you would have made though by that time lol. $1.25-$5.5 imo is easily done within a year and the high side is most likely. From this point just imagine that and then remember if we stay at .09 for 11 months and 29 days and you’ve loaded up instead of cried and in the last day it shoots to 1-2$ you still win right? Of course you do and think of all the shares you would have. Moral of the story is f the daily bs and if you believe then take advantage of the low prices and don’t waste the opportunities your given. GLTY don’t feed the bears lol we will crush them when it’s time.