$FCEL This stock is turning me into a degenerate gambler. I sold this at a loss, but god dammit if I’m looking to buy back in before ER. *Sigh I’ve been looking at some metrics and comparing them to $PLUG and $BLDP and if it doesn’t deserve a much higher price, it at least has a margin of safety that should keep it from dropping significantly from here. It has the lowest EV/S ratio of the 3 (this considers debt and revenue which seems like the most appropriate valuation metric to use for these companies), with a higher expected EPS growth rate next 12 months (92% vs ~25% for the others). It’s forward P/E at this price is -7.6, while PLUG and BLDP are -15.92 and -75.58, respectively. Even with stock dilution, this should be trading higher.
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