@zyziloc @markettrend2030 I don’t think he means he doesn’t care d c can also stand for discounted and a few other different financial terms. I read his actually tweet last on worries of the dip in share price. Will post it. Mat Ishbia (pictured), president & CEO of United Wholesale Mortgage, told MPA what that early dip means for UWM and shared why the stock is currently below the valuation experts have given the company. He stressed that these fluctuations in the stock price have no material impact on UWM’s day to day operations, or the company’s lofty goals to rebuild the broker channel and help brokers capture greater market share. “We have continued to a great quarter and an amazing year,” Ishbia said. “This year, hopefully, the expectation is to have the best year of all time from a mortgage volume perspective. I don’t follow the share price daily or hourly like a lot of people do. We focus on the best fundamental business we have…the stock price will follow, it doesn’t lead.”