1. I’m not posting a ton - also I think this is my first post on $SRNE? 2. I literally said nothing about it tanking 3. I’m just so fucking sick of every dumbass I meet coming into the hospital either claiming this is a bill gates conspiracy or the converse, latching on to every news article and swearing a cure I want critical thinking. I hope everyone on this stupid board makes a ton of money. I posted because the one thing I saw (in quickly scanning the board) pointing out that it is not good scientific practice to do what you guys are pouring your money into got lambasted. If the science is good, sure - I might invest. You might even say I missed the boat. I’m venting as a provider.
@HANDful If you guys are certain this is going to tank, shouldn't you keep quiet about it, short it, make bank and then move on? Posting so much really seems like you're insecure af...
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