$HMBL actually all things considered given the bloodbath out there in micros ..ole HMBL holding up ok for now ..the naked short on this thing has to be absolutely giant..if BF played his cards right he could have the shorts fund his company ..he and founders just need to retire few B shares ..sqzze naked shorts into buying B shares from B holders ...B holders happy ..BF keeps B holders as prospective investors going forward ... he just needs to pull the trigger ..if he does 1$+ if he doesnt 10-20cts next 8 weeks will be interesting to say the least
@nathandetroit im not thinking that at all ..all im thinking is that this is so absurdly expensive that its attracted naked shorts by the 100's of millions (Hindenburg Hit Piece etc) and that if they embraced a 10% of a watermelon is worth more than 100% of a grape strategy at this point it would force a sqzze big enough to take out alot of B holders....if not this stock will sink under the weight of its shares outstanding