$ACB Funny thing that i realized after liquidating my short lots is that I made money while this was getting raped, while most of the lunatics kept on averaging down their losses. Now that my bread is realized and secured, i can take these proceedings and go long and have a better entry than 99% of the people on this board. I don't have some sort of hate towards ACB to short it blindly , i follow the money. I love money, and if something gives me potential to make some, i will seize that opportunity without hesitating. Now.... would i buy ACB at these levels ? Fuck no. It's a financial disaster. This may recover a bit...............or most likely may not. The price of uncertainty is to deep to pay, the management is rotten and my dollar would be better somewhere else. Buying ACB is like sending your kid to a daycare in a crack den at this point, this could work out but not worth the risk.
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