$MARA "Company makes biggest Bitcoin purchase in history at Coinbase" Hedge fund management company One River Asset Management has emerged as a major player in cryptocurrencies. Therefore, Coinbase now also acts as the custodian of One River's digital assets, according to Tejpaul. “One River worked with Coinbase to invest an undisclosed amount in digital assets, resulting in one of the biggest deals in history. The initial negotiations were concluded over five days and executed at different speeds to operate under changing market conditions ”, he revealed. Swimming in Bitcoin: The company did not disclose the total transaction. However, according to Bloomberg, One River CIO Eric Peters was responsible for leading the purchase. In all, more than $ 600 million in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) were acquired through One River. In addition, the company would have plans to increase its holdings to $ 1 billion in early 2021.