$BCRX anyone here about trial of remdesivir in france that was halted due to side effects? French Drs reported 7/24 kidney problems in patients given remdesivir. how can US allow and promote such an awful drug when there’s proven safe alternatives
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@Biotechie60 @rbrbrbrb @bio99 we actually looked at effects on mice kidney tubules and puts holes through them @nickpd gotta find the research paper....we had posted that before showing the reasons why they had to cut the dose of remdesivir from monkeys to humans substantially to avoid renal/ liver failures but they’re trying to attempt same crap wt eidd by saying oh let’s give let’s effective dose and maybe the carcinogenic side effects may not be a problem...ribonucleotides like eidd have been abandoned by Russians during Cold War before it was called eidd-1901 and they added an Ester group to Increase absorption of Molecule and renamed it eidd-2801 and tried cramming it down BARDAs throat... Dr. Rick Bright refused to find them FT had a good article