$GOED - Fouerti is giving everything for this funding. I skimmed over the 8k and here’s what I found. Borrowers: Goedekers and AC Inc. Guarantor’s: One Stop Electronics Inc Gold Coast Appliances Inc Superiors Deals Inc Joes Appliances LLC VG Logistics LLC AC Gallery Inc Albert Fouerti has built or acquired all of these businesses in relation to the retail Appliance sales. This is your CEO guys! An extremely tenacious and skilled leader willing to give up almost everything for this venture! Keep in mind, these are still not all of his businesses. These were just the ones that produce enough value to Guarantee the $140mil loan and loc. He still has other businesses Asien (California) and he owns a Marketing company as well. On a side note, all of the names listed above will probably not be used for the rebranded company. We’ll be getting a fresh new brand name! Cannot wait! Any guesses?!