$SPY This was part of the GOP reopening plan devised by them in April (back when tRump wanted to opening everything up by Easter and was told by Fauci et al that it would be disastrous to do so). So they bid their time planning and conniving. They want the stock market back up, they want people back to work. But not for the sake of the people, but the investors and company owners/CEOs etc whose wealth depends on profits, bonuses, share prices etc. These are the people that donate to the GOP during election years. The GOP wants to win in Nov 2020 so badly that they're willing to rack up a body count to do so. It's already at 90,000+ and will be over 100,000 by end of May and now projecting btw 120,000 to 140,000. Now they've decided to suppress the real data on infections and mortality post-Reopening to spin the narrative that infections are NOT increasing so people feel safer to engage in the economy. ALL for the sake of profits, donations and POWER!
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