@Haanerd On the tool, most of my studies are done with thinkorswim(TOS) thru TDAmeritrade. I registered for a TDAmeritrade account a few years ago and it remains unfunded, they are very generous allowing use of thinkorswim essential for free. My broker, Charles Schwab, acquired Tdameritrade last year and they are in the process of consolidating their IT systems.. I'm told they're going to keep thinkorswim and someday they will merge IT systems and I hope TOS will be available to me on Schwab so I can use even more functionality to place my trades. Schwab has there own package call Street Edge , it does about 40 studies, thinkorswim does 400 so TOS is clearly aimed at the professional (steep learning curve, but I've found it rewarding and profitable).
@Haanerd I'm stuck in Ocgn for the last week and begging for mercy.. its being heavily shorted... I just need to patient and exit on the next rip with profit but for now its a little boring waiting ..