$IBIO All I’m gonna say is that rich people don’t like getting you rich...they like to get richer themselves. All these weak new traders will unfortunately succumb to the pressure of the losses and leave Bc that’s smart for them....the guys who are running the show haven’t let a piece slip away they just keep adding to their piles. This company has intricate connections with our gov..only college backed cv play (Texas A&M) huge facility.....Fuckin plant based vaccine. No news equals the rich taking a step back as we fumble our shares and they make billions...this is my opinion I could be completely off but something just seems a little to quit around this stock.. and that is why I look at 5k loss I have on my account and just say fuck it if it hits I’ll never complain again.... and If it doesn’t this has shown me that patience is a double edged sword a worthy lesson to learn as a young trader.
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