@Ioliva1 @JJAKQ @CatchMeIfYouCan2020 @emgee54 @TurtleBK @Hammersmith15 Totally agreed sp will swoop by $1 once we receive the Grant Funding @GreenBioAnalyst And we’ll get sooner than most people think... - RBL submitted the Grant application on IPIX’s behalf on June 12! since June 11 pr said “this week” and June 17 pr said “last week” - Tomorrow Friday June 26 is 2 weeks since the application was submitted. And decision is made within 2-6 weeks under normal circumstance, but we’re in Einstein time-warping zone😆, “Warp Speed” so 2 weeks is long turn around time. Here’s what could happen A) NIH/BARDA has already informed IPIX today so pr will be tomorrow or B) Informs IPIX tomorrow, pr will Monday or C) Informs IPIX Monday, pr Tuesday D) Informs IPIX Tuesday, pr Wednesday