@EB21Stocks @Haneef @Cornharrington exactly learn a strategy that works for you but dont be afraid to learn from others... dont change your base strategy but learn how to make your strategy better... i have been doing this over 12 years and i learn something new almost every week... i have one trader who i follow and i pay monthly for his service.. he wins on most of his calls.. and i have learned a lot from watching him
@smijotrading @EB21Stocks @Cornharrington nice. Who is this guy you follow. And how much do you pay. Ok I will make it 25k by end of next week. My goal is all green trades. I have never traded with 16k. Max I did was 7k. I just increased it. Waiting for funds lol. I will then add the rest and make it 25k. And yeah you are right. Do small trades and don’t really spend the 25k.
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