@AD06 I've had 700 cvrs since the merger went through. It was stipulated in the contract when Lily voted. they agreed to sell with contingent value rights based on Pipeline current to the time frame. The cvr's are non-transferable and were issued to stockholders at the time the murder took place. I've since sold the requisite stock but the cvr's are yours from that point forward you do not need the stock for them to have value. Lily is a pharmaceutical Giant and would not have mandated said cvr's if there was a chance they would be worthless. I would love to see the value I currently see before me, But this has obviously not been completed yet. If I remember correctly, the cvr's will never be tradable but only represent a voucher to be paid for a cash out. You may look into it, I was under the impression that the CVR Cashout is paid via check to your address of record at the time of issuance, further inspection may prove it goes to your trading account.
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